Charlotte Salomon: Der Tod und die Malerin

Music: Michelle DiBucci
Stage and Costumes: Jürgen Kirner
Lights: Bonnie Beecher
Video Design: Philipp Contag-Lada
World Premiere: 2015 Ballett im Revier, Gelsenkirchen

In Honor of

Music: Georgs Pelecis, In Honour of Henry Purcell
Costumes: Thomas Lempertz
Lights: Udo Haberland
World Premiere: April 2014, Ballett im Revier, Gelsenkirchen
Latvian Premiere: April 2014, Latvian National Ballet, Riga

Swan Lake

inspired by M. Petipa and L. Ivanov
Music: Peter I. Tchaikovsky
Sets and Costumes: Jean-Marc Puissant
Scenario Assistance: Sebastian Schwab
Lights: Patrick Fuchs
World Premiere: November 2013 Ballett im Revier, Gelsenkirchen

Ruß | A Story of Cinderella

Music: Johann Strauss (Sohn), Woody Guthrie, Sarah Gunning, Hazel Dickens, Nina Simone
Live Akkordeon: Klaus Paier, Fumio Yasada, Franck Yasuda, Franck Angels u.v.a.
Sets and Costumes: Jürgen Kirner
Scenario Assistance: Sebastian Schwab
Lights: Patrick Fuchs
World Premiere: January 2013 Ballett im Revier, Gelsenkirchen

Blau Blue Bleu

Music: Antonín Dvořák, String Quartet No. 12
Sets and Costumes: Jürgen Kirner
Light: Bert Dalhuysen
World Premiere: October 2012 Ballett im Revier, Gelsenkirchen


Directed and choreographed by Bridget Breiner
Music: Stefan Wolpe/ Zeus und Elida, Edmund Nick/ Erich Kästner/ Leben in dieser Zeit, Kurt Weill/ Bertolt Brecht/ Mahagonny Songspiel
Stage and Costumes: Jürgen Kirner
World Premiere: 2012 co-production Ballett im Revier and opera ensemble of the Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen

Musica Speranza

Directed and conceived by Andreas Geier
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Great Mass in C minor and concert arias
Stage and Costumes: Stefan Mayer
World Premiere: 2011 co-production Opera and Ballet of Salzburger Landestheater

Double Bass Concerto

Music: Edgar Meyer, Double Bass Concerto in D
Stage and Costumes: Jürgen Kirner
Lights: Bonnie Beecher
World Premiere: 2011 Stuttgart Ballet, Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Come again when you can't stay so long

duet for dancer and musician, choreographer and composer
Music: Patrick Breiner, live, "Crane" and original composition / Dick Breiner, improvisation on jazz standards
World Premiere: 2011 Eric Gauthier Dance Gala for the benefit of Alzheimer's Research , Theaterhaus Stuttgart

The Tragedies of Othello

Music: Pablo de Sarasate, "Zigeunerweisen" / Edgar Meyer, "Zigeunerweisen" / Henryck Górecki, "Harpsichord Concerto" and "Three Pieces in Old Style", 1st and 3rd movement
Stage and Costumes: Stefan Morgenstern
World Premiere: 2011 Augsburg Ballet, Theater Augsburg

Letters of Others

Music: Jean Françaix, "L´heure Du Berger" and Quintette No. 1/Tempo di Marcia
Francese / Henry Purcell, Dido and Aeneas, "When I am Laid in Earth"
Text: "This American Life", from Chicago Public Radio
Set and Costumes: Jürgen Kirner
Lights: Bonnie Beecher
World Premiere: 2010 Stuttgart Ballet, Schauspielhaus Stuttgart


Text: radio Zachries Feltalt, Carl Zacharias
Music: words and music by Ervin Drake/Irvin Graham/Jimmy Shirl/Al Stillman,
I Believe; performed by Phillip Ens and Tadeusz Biernaki
World Premiere: 2010, Comedia Theater, Cologne

The Broadway Baby

co-choreographed with Demis Volpi

Music: Jürgen Spitschka/Christoph Wiedmann/Thomas Höfs/Phillippe Ohl, based on music by Arnett Cobb and Kurt Engel; finale Chris Brubeck, Convergence, 3rd movement
World Premiere: 2009 Reid Anderson´s 60th Birthday Gala, Stuttgart Ballet, with 49 soloists, demi-soloists and corps de ballet of the Stuttgart Ballet - Staatstheater Stuttgart Opera House

La Grande Parade du Funk

Music: Chris Brubeck, Convergence, 3rd movement,
World Premiere: 2009 Erik Bruhn Competition, Toronto

Hold Lightly

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Concerto Nr. 3
Set: Jürgen Kirner
Lights: Bonnie Beecher
Costumes: Dorothee Schumacher
World Premiere: 2009 Kevin O'Day-Ballet Mannheim, National Theater Mannheim

Der Prinz von Dänemark

Ein Hamlet Musical von und mit Harald Schmidt

Directed by Christian Brey
Sets: Elisa Limberg
Costumes: Petra Bongard
Music: covers of music by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Dean Martin, Chris Howland, The Sex Pistols, Freddie Mercury
World Premiere: 2008 Schauspiel Stuttgart

Adagio Assai

Music: Maurice Ravel, Piano Concerto Nr. 2, 2nd movement
Costumes: Goldknopf
World Premiere: 2008 Ballet de Santiago de Chile, with Bridget Breiner and Friedemann Vogel, Teatro de Municipal de Santiago de Chile


(Adapted for the stage)

Music: Otto-Erich Schilling, In Scribo Satanis
Sets: after designs by Willi Baumeister
World Premiere: 2008 John Cranko School, Staatstheater Stuttgart Opera House


Music: Otto-Erich Schilling, In Scribo Satanis
Costumes: Yumiko, character costumes after designs by Willi Baumeister
World Premiere: 2007 site-specific choreography for and in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart performed by students of the John Cranko School


Music: Joseph Hathaway/Charles Kingsley, The Young Knight, Recording by Nina Simone
World Premiere: 2007 Noverre Society, taken into Stuttgart Ballet repertory in 2008

The Foul Prank

Music: Pablo de Sarasate, Zigeunerweisen / Edgar Meyer, Zigeunerweisen
World Premiere: 2006 Noverre Society, Stuttgart

In the Kitchen

Music: Benjamim Britten, A Ceremony of Carols, Interlude
World Premiere: 2005 Noverre Society, Stuttgart


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